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We carry out the design of web pages, as a strategic growth solution for your business. growth solution for your business.

We design custom web pages, based on the requirements of the segment to improve communication with your customer, with your company and improve sales.

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We design custom web pages, based on the requirements of the segment to improve communication with your customer, with your company and improve sales.

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Page design

Web design should always be aimed at conveying the message in a clear, simple way. It is not the same to access the website from a cell phone, or from the computer browser or from a tablet.

We adapt your website for mobile devices with a responsive website design focused on conversion goals.

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International accessibility standards

Web design with quality standards.

All web pages developed are made with international standards of accessibility in web development of the W3c and for which we use the following libraries and web development tools:

  • Frameworks: Foundation, HTML5 + Bootstrap.
  • Javascript: Jquery, AngularJS, Angular 2, VUE.
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Servers: Apache, Nginx, Litespeed.

We also use the development logic on which the integrations with other applications and tools in production are the most efficient for the life of the project in the medium and long term, for this purpose we use:

  • Programming languages, Php, .NET, Python, Java , Javascript, Ruby.
  • Database: MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.
  • PHP: Laravel, Codeigniter, Zend Framework, Symfony, Yii.
  • NodeJS: Restify, Jade, Nom, Socket.
  • Ruby: Rails.

Web design & SEO in

Search engine positioning

SEO is very important for any type of business that has a presence on the Internet.

Organic search over time has proven to be by far the largest source of high quality traffic, and yet many businesses have not taken into account why it is recommended to consider SEO in their website design or website development process.

If an SEO strategy is not considered in the company’s digital business plan, it can be akin to starting to build a building without the proper foundation for it to continue to grow over time.

Sooner or later you will realize that your competition or competitors take the most quality traffic from your segment, because they are positioned organically in search engine results.

Realizing this or assuming that, if necessary after the web design and development or production launch of the project, will surely generate cost overruns and reprocesses to the project that has already been published.

Which will make you lose time, time that is necessary, in a market that grows exponentially positioning many businesses and potential competitors organically.

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We have a web development team, passionate about the results of each project, as if it were the first.

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